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Tour the Trains: an overview with the most complete pictures of each section. We began this project in the summer of 1999. Track each section's  development with the links below.

All aboard? Have fun!

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The Tour is a  current overview of all sections. Each page has "back" and "next" links at the bottom and on the  right. The Tour's photos are updated regularly to reflect our progress. The older photos are archived in their requisite sections. For a more detailed look at the project's chronological development,  click on the section links on the left border. 

 Hint: The first Tour pix depict sections that are pretty much done. Those photos are replaced as we update or detail an area. The most current content is found near the end of the links list below.

Pictured: An evening view of the Trubble Jelly Bean Mine, 2/19/01 and a redone mountain almost exactly a year later, below 2/15/02. First Mountain, pink foam. Second mountain, Braggdon Enterprises flexible foam mold.

The pictures are arranged chronologically with older stuff first.

Town, Cloudy Day • The Town • Holy Grail wedding • Town, Mar 3, 01 • A  night on the town • Fishing and Digging • Panoramic View, Fluffle Valley • The hidden lake • Fluffle Station, 2/19/01 • John's Waterwheel • Fluffle River from Jelly Bean Mountain • Rendall Falls area • More Rendall Falls area • Campers in Rendall Falls • Crossing Rendall Gorge • Rendall Falls falling • Ooops • Fluffle Station & Trains • Belligerent Kato engines • Fluffle Valley, March 7 • Mine, Factory, Warehouse • Camping Hardships • No fishing • The broader view • John's Bridge • The finished bridge • Cute little Black/ Red Train • Irene 's City View • Fishing Shanty • Almost done! • Trubble Jelly Bean Freight Cars • Log cars • Trubble covered hopper • Intermodal with 5 cars • November 01 Update • Plano brass detailing • Wooden Bargain • Another Bargain • Finally ballasted the Town • More ballasted Town • Wooden Bargain • Graffiti Car • John's Desk • A detail of detailing... • Tenement Overview • The Tenement Flats • Tenement Closeups • Hey hey, the intermodal! • Two more intermodal car pix • Retaining Wall • The Pumkin City is christened • Chef Trubble • The Pumkin helps • About time • Alan's train • Power Lines • City Engine House • Irene's paving • American Flag • Blacktop for Pumkin City • Details • That's Barney • The Pumkin City subway • Build the Pumkin City subway • Bootlegging!


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