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Tour the Trains: an overview with the most complete pictures of each section. We began this project in the summer of 1999. Track each section's  development with the links below.

All aboard? Have fun!

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In Trains & Stuff you get to see trains and details like weeds and other things like the pix below. This is what's on John's work desk right now. He's taking little pieces off of the cars and putting new little pieces back on. He does this with a giant magnifying glass.  I have no clue what he's doing.

John says: "I am using Plano detailing parts, which are made from stainless steel and brass to replace the plastic walkways and ladders that came with with ConCor Gunderson 5-car intermodal unit (the red cars). The Plano parts are really made for the Athearn version but they work well on the ConCor model as well. The goal is to make a 10 car intermodal consist that will be pulled by the big green Burlington Northern diesel engine sitting in the yard area. Therefore, when I finish this set I have an A-Line kit of 5 Thrall intermodal cars to work on."

"These cars are the reason we had to raise all the overpasses after originally laying the track. Ray at the Model Railroad Post Office in West Milford, NJ told me that this was very prototypical because the railroads have been doing the same thing to their track in order to make enough room for the tall intermodal cars to pass under bridges. Oh boy, that sure make me feel good about it!"  

I say, "Huh?" Anyway, scroll past the picture and you'll find the links.  February, 2002.


The pictures are arranged chronologically with older stuff first.


Unfinished Station Feb 00 • Some Town Structures • Road Side Detail • Waterfall Detail • Three Engines • Another View of 3 Engines • Mountain Side Detail • Another Mountainside Detail • More Mountain Side Weeds • Close up of the Frozen Pond • Another Frozen Pond Pix • Irene vacuuming • A Tree • The Jelly Bean Train • Fleischmann Engine • Embedded Bridge Detail • Our Amalfi Coast • Town Detail, 7/3/00 • The Waterwheel • The DoodleBug Train! • Fluffle Station • The Ice Train in the underground cavern • A New Fluffle Station as of October 23 • Aerial View of New Fluffle Station • Trains Around  Fluffle Station • Bashed Mercedes Dealership • John Fixing Irene's Work • Trubble Square Station August 28 • Trubble Square Detail • Another Detail View of Trubble Square • Our Doodlebug • A Drunk Old Lady and her Dog • Digging Detail • DB Cargo Train • Shay engine • Atlas Alco • Black train • Cute Red and Black one


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