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Tour the Trains: an overview with the most complete pictures of each section. We began this project in the summer of 1999. Track each section's  development with the links below.

All aboard? Have fun!

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Jelly Bean Mining is the area's industry. Jelly bean ore is mined from The Trubble Jelly Bean Mine (small, light colored mountain in the upper right) and transported to the factory (not visible) for processing. The finished product is stored in the blue warehouse on your extreme right for train transport.  This is the view on March 4, 2001 with Fluffle Station in the foreground.

(The pix are chronologically arranged, most recent at the end.)

Jelly Bean Mount Start • John painting the railway • More work done today • Can you spot the mirror on the waterway • More water • Finally: The Jelly Bean Mountain! • Jelly Bean Ore Warehouse • Trubble Jelly Bean Mill and Warehouse • Re-done Jelly Bean Factory • The Main Line Station • A shiny new platform for the Main Line • The Trubble Jelly Bean Mill • Jelly Bean Mountain and the Town • The Jelly Bean Mountain Mine • The Trubble Jelly Bean Mine • Sweeping View of Fluffle Valley • Underground section of the Main Line • Fluffle Station • Progress on the Main Line • More Underground Progress • Our new chain link fence at Fluffle Station • Back View of Fluffle Valley • Underground • John's hoise house • Progress on the underground section • Fluffle Valley • Complete Pozo kit

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