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Tour the Trains: an overview with the most complete pictures of each section. We began this project in the summer of 1999. Track each section's  development with the links below.

All aboard? Have fun!

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Well, he came, got trapped and Irene thought he was a giant rat. Ugh! John, who  would have dealt with him was away. Irene "invited" him to dinner after 2 days when she surfed the web and ID'd him as an opossum. A Marsupial! Despite how they look, opossums are not nuisance animals and are important to local ecology. She contacted the National Opossum Society, who told her opossums die fast without water. Ulp! But, it's so ugly and how do you spring the trap? YUK! Where's John when you need him! It worked out though. The local police came and sprang him. Don't come back!  March 2002.

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