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Tour the Trains: an overview with the most complete pictures of each section. We began this project in the summer of 1999. Track each section's  development with the links below.

All aboard? Have fun!

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Updated view of Fluffle Valley and the trains in front of Fluffle Station on March 3, 01. The orange engine is a Kato EMD GP35. A very finicky engine. Derails at the slightest provocation. Both of them! John smashed the first when it was belligerent. This one is heading for the same fate. The silvery-white engine is a Walthers EMD F40 PH, out for a rare day on the tracks. It was bought to replace the Rivarossi EMD EAA on our American Orient Express. It wasn't all that much better than the Rivarossi. It spends most of it's time in the staging area. The grey and maroon is a pretty Kato Alco RS3. It seems to share the same characteristics as our other Katos. It runs real smooth, as long as it manages to stay on the track. The little black Hercules doesn't run at all. We got it at the Amhurst Model RR Show last month. However, the GE 44 tonner (black with white diagonal stripes), also bought at the show, has been a pleasant surprise. It is underpowered, just like the prototypes were. These two engines were about $10 or $15 each. Just goes to show that buying used engines without trying them out is risky. The black steam engine behind the Kato gets its own page. March 3, 01.

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