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Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Fair and Balanced

Internet Editorial Service

We specialize in Internet-based editorial services for healthcare professionals and consumers.

Website editorial advisory board recruitment.  We recommend developing an editorial board for all Websites to increase the credibility of the site. The board members advise, give direction, and serve as sources of original editorial content. The MedCom Resource will identify qualified candidates, recruit board members, moderate board activities, and implement recommendations.

Congress reporter This on-line newsletter covers events at medical congresses that complement the content and objectives of the client’s Website. It is written each day on site during the congress and published on the Website the following day. Print versions for distribution at the client’s exhibit booth can be produced as well.

Chat sessions with opinion leaders.  Live chat sessions with opinion leaders scheduled, promoted, and moderated through the client's  site.

Moderated web services. A moderated e-mail bulletin board provides the interactive component of the Website. It leads to return visits and provides the client with additional insight on issues of interest to the target audience.

Screen incoming  email

Facilitate productive bulletin board use

Minimize abuse; block inappropriate content  

Email to registered users

Reports summarizing issues of interest to site visitors

Recommendations for future editorial direction
Site analysis to guide future development

Comprehensive on-line editorial support. On topics of interests, The MedCom Resource will conduct literature searches and produce editorial.

  • Original Reviews: 1000-word summaries on relevant issues and topics of interest. Each article is referenced and may include interviews with opinion leaders. Readability is enhanced using subheads  and call-outs to highlight important points. Graphs, tables, and illustrations are used where appropriate.
  • Sidebar Articles: 500-word summaries on essential information that complements topics covered in the Original Reviews.
  • Literature Abstracting Service: 250-word abstracts from articles published in the recent scientific and popular literature. These are written and up-loaded daily, pending client approval. AP, UPI, and Reuters news service releases and MedLine are searched daily for articles.
  • Glossary: Most helpful for consumer sites: Definitions and explanations of words and terms essential to understanding of the interactive and editorial sections of the site.


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